Seeing the light |

Seeing the light

Connie Steiert

Whether you’re 15 or 45, hormonal changes can play havoc with the body and the self-image particularly when they’re accompanied by acne flare-ups.Frequently, dermatologists prescribe antibiotics to get nasty breakouts under control. Yet some people are uncomfortable with taking antibiotics, but find topical solutions alone ineffective.Take heart. Derma Taut International in Avon’s new ClearLight system can painlessly and effectively clear away most acne and troublesome breakouts without medication.ClearLight is a revolutionary new acne photocleansing system that works by attacking the bacteria that causes acne (Protoporphyrin 3) with a specific wavelength of light. This wavelength is in the visiblelight spectrum, near, but not in, the UV spectrum, and does not penetrate the skin. The light hits the bacteria on the cell membrane and destroys the bacteria.&quotThis is a natural chemical reaction,&quot explains Derma Taut’s medical director, Dr. Franklin S. Chow. &quotIt’s confined only to the bacteria; it does not affect the skin.&quotThe ClearLight System is so new there are only four in all of Colorado at present, and only one in Denver.The clinic in Denver has found the ClearLight system so popular it had to purchase a second machine.&quotIt’s like the new frontier of skin care,&quot says Derma Taut technician Mickey Rioux.Turi Olson, a local 16-year-old, had tried just about everything to rid himself from typical teenage acne, including antibiotics, but nothing seemed to help.&quotI even tried that cream they show on TV,&quot Olson says. &quotIt doesn’t work.&quotHis mother was particularly uncomfortable with her son being on antibiotics. In fact, the abundant use of antibiotics for a variety of childhood and adult ills, explains Chow, has created strains of bacteria that are highly resistant to antibiotics.&quotThere is a rapid increase in resistance to antibiotics,&quot Chow says.So when Olson heard about Derma Taut’s new ClearLight system, he jumped at the chance to try it.Now, after six ClearLight treatments, his face shows a marked improvement and Olson is not on any type of antibiotic.&quotIt helped a lot,&quot Olson says of his seventh treatment.Not only is the ClearLight system much kinder to the body, it has a greater rate of success for mild to moderate acne.&quotAntibiotics,&quot says Chow, &quothave a 40 percent failure rate. ClearLight has only a 7 percent failure rate.&quotPlus, some people find they are sensitive to antibiotics or topical retinoids, which can cause irritations and sun sensitivities. Acutane, one of the most popular acne treatments currently available, canalso cause birth defects. Yet most of these treatments are prescribed for four to six months.ClearLight is a totally passive treatment that doesn’t hurt. In fact, the normal band of light it uses, with high intensity, hits right above the skin. And, ClearLight requires only eight treatments, usuallycompleted in just one month.Best of all to Olson, ClearLight appointments, he says, &quotfeel like you’re on the beach; not too hot perfect.&quotEach session takes about 17 minutes, and typically the eight sessions are given every three to four days. ClearLight can treat problem areas on the face, chest, and back and is equally effective on light and dark skin.The ClearLight system effectively treats non-inflammatory, Stage 4 or lower acne (on the Burton Acne scale) the vast majority of mild to moderate teenage acne, blackheads and whiteheads. However,because it does not penetrate below the skin, Stage 5 or 6 acne, the cystic and pustule type of inflammatory acne, needs more aggressive treatment, such as Acutane or antibiotics.&quotMy aim is to decrease the systemic medications a patient uses and decrease the strength,&quot says Chow.Although the ClearLight system has been in use in Europe for four years now, it just cleared the United States FDA approval in 2002.&quotThis is just great to be in on in the very, very beginning,&quot says Chow, who is always looking for ways to better serve his clientele. &quotWe offer personalized service, with attention to details. We try to maximize your skin’s potential. We think of ourselves as a medical spa that stops short of plastic surgery.&quotFor more information on ClearLight, or the wide range of services and medical grade products offered at Derma Taut International, call (970) 748-1220.

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