Seeking testimonials good for advertising and loyalty |

Seeking testimonials good for advertising and loyalty

Kelly Coffey
Harebrained Marketing

Asking a customer for a testimonial shows you value his or her opinion and that person is a valued customer. Just asking will bump her up the loyalty ladder. If your customer writes a good review of your service, he’s likely to give that same good review when asked about you by another potential customer.

When should you seek out testimonials? All the time. It’s a good habit to collect testimonials from every satisfied customer. With a strong collection, you can pick out the best to put in advertisements, brochures, in-store displays, your Web site or any other place.

Here are some tips:

– Specific is better than general. The best testimonials are stories that flesh out a virtue of your business. Your customer may say you have great service, but what does that mean? Instead, it would have more meaning if your customer says: “The staff called me with frequent updates on my project’s progress. That not only reassured me but also saved the project when things got complicated.”

– Short is better than long.

Nobody will wade through a dense block of writing if they don’t have to. On the other hand, nobody can resist scanning a quick, pithy quote. If it can be said in 10 words, that’s perfect.

– Simple is better than complex. One concept per testimonial is better than many crammed together. You want to hammer in one great point. Adding more only dilutes what you’re trying to say.

– Plain, everyday words are better than industry jargon. There are no points for a big vocabulary here. Words of one or two syllables are the best. Alhough testimonials usually are written down, you want it to sound like the customer speaks.

– Take a picture. If you want to go the extra mile, take a photo of the customer, too. You can’t go wrong with your customer’s smiling face next to the words of praise. That will attract more attention to your ad and give more credibility to the testimonial.

Used wisely, these words of praise will bring in new customers and keep happy customers whistling your song.

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