Semantics are important: Unaffiliated is not Independent (letter) |

Semantics are important: Unaffiliated is not Independent (letter)

Unaffiliated is not Independent, and semantics are important. (U) is what the Secretary of State only recognizes and is the letter/word used in all official documentation.

The U has traveled the state, and I got to sign it as first unaffiliated candidate (since 2006) statewide to petition onto the general election ballot for governor of Colorado.

When will you and those you interview understand that “unaffiliated” is not the same as the “independent” individual you are talking to but an officially registered voter known as “unaffiliated”? Call them what they are (U) Unaffiliated. Semantics are important! All unaffiliated voters please vote today.

Paul Noel Fiorino

Unaffiliated candidate for governor 2018

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