Sen. Gardner holds call-in town hall |

Sen. Gardner holds call-in town hall

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Romanoff calls Gardner a shrewd guy. "he knows that the only way to win a race like this in a state like ours is to masquerade as a moderate and to hope that nobody notices the difference between what he says in Colorado and what he does in Washington."
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DENVER — Sen. Cory Gardner is holding a call-in town hall rather than one in person.

Protesters dogged the Republican senator all last week during congressional recess. They demanded he hold a public town hall with his Colorado constituents. Activists and critics of President Trump have used town halls to pressure and embarrass GOP members of congress.

Instead Gardner scheduled a telephonic town hall. He held that on Wednesday. It ran for a little less than an hour because Gardner had to go to the White House to meet with the president.

Questioners asked Gardner about the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and whether he’d back an independent probe into Russian hacking. Gardner said the Republican-led congressional intelligence committees should take the lead.

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