Sending down her ski clothes |

Sending down her ski clothes

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

On our beginner’s hill, we built a small half-pipe so students could practice their balance while going up and down the walls. Kids loved it and adults giggled the entire way through.After demonstrating a task to be performed in the halfpipe, I waited at the end for my students to exit. The first three came out on schedule. The only student remaining was a rather heavy-set woman – she never arrived.We waited and waited and still no sign of her. Finally, after 10 minutes, we were partially reunited with the tardy skier when a ski rocketed out of the chute with the boot still attached to the binding.Dreading the inevitability of filling out an accident report, I walked up into the half-pipe and discovered the other ski with the boot also secured in the binding. Looking further up, my student was sitting on her backside in her stocking feet.Due to her “critical mass,” she popped out of her boots before her bindings could release, sending her skis ahead on a scouting party. Uninjured, she laughed and said to me, “It’s about time you got here! I can’t get up! I figured if the skis didn’t bring you up here, I was going to have to start sending down my clothes!”- Debbie Blount, VailParamedic skisI had just come off a break in my teaching schedule, when I was booked to teach a workshop for women. Two of the students in the class were middle-aged nurses from Denver and had extensive medical experience after working for years in emergency rooms. They obviously hadn’t skied for a very long time, since they came to class with equipment dating back to the Nixon administration.The women spent most of the first part of the lesson chatting with the other students, inquiring about their occupations, family, professional backgrounds, etc. They were also curious about the newer skis that most of the other students were using and were anxious to get up to speed with their counterparts.After spending a moment to get acquainted with my new clients, I asked them what they would like to focus on in today’s lesson. One of the two nurses immediately spoke up, “I want to learn how to ski on those new PARAMEDIC skis!”- Marcia Reed, VailVail, Colorado

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