Senior described as all-around guy |

Senior described as all-around guy

Cindy Ramunno

About 18 years ago, Tony and Emmy Faulhaber and young son Mike welcomed another boy into their family. The baby ” Charles Faulhaber ” is now a senior at Eagle Valley High School and is graduating this May. The Faulhabers moved to Eagle when Charles was in the third grade and big brother Mike was in the fifth grade at Eagle Valley Elementary. At first glance, Charles looks like your typical high school jock. Well-built and handsome, you might think the only mystery with Charles is “what sport does the guy play?” If you think that, you’re wrong.

Faulhaber has excelled in all of the sports that he’s been involved with at the school. He helped the Devils in football, wrestling and baseball, and provided great leadership for those teams this year. But it’s what you don’t know about Faulhaber that makes him even more interesting.

Faulhaber earns about a 4.2 grade point average at Eagle Valley. He’s planning on attending Colorado State University this fall and is undecided on exactly what he’ll be studying. It could end up being business ” or maybe a more creative field. You just never know with Faulhaber, because there are so many paths that he would be successful taking. One of his role models is his brother, Mike. “Mike has always been there to give me honest answers to questions I have. He’s successful and I look up to him,” says Faulhaber.

At the age of 6, Faulhaber began taking piano lessons. He even remembers the teacher’s name ” Linda Trotter. He can now pound out a great tune on the piano and he also is involved in the high school’s choir. “I’m more sensitive than people would expect,” he states calmly. He has no problem whatsoever singing in front of a large group of people, and he’s always got something going in the school’s annual talent show. On top of that, he’s been very active in student government at Eagle Valley.

Faulhaber describes his mom, Emmy, as a sweet, caring woman and his father, Tony, as a hard worker who expects a lot from his boys. That positive mixture makes for well-rounded kids. When Faulhaber speaks of his parents, he beams. “My mom is so caring and sweet and I like to make my dad proud,” he explains.

When talking about what the next hear has in store for him, Faulhaber is excited. This summer, he’ll work for this dad as a laborer for his construction company, and then it’s off to Fort Collins. “I’ll be in Corbett Hall and rooming with my buddy, Sean Bartlett,” he says. He thinks the biggest change will be the responsibility of laundry and meals. He also plans on staying active during college and participating in intramural sports. “Football was my favorite sport and I’m going to miss it,” he says.

And football will miss him too. Coach John Ramunno says that Faulhaber will be missed on and off the field at Eagle Valley. “Charles has so much going for him ” he’s involved in so many different things. He’ll be successful in whatever he chooses to do,” says Ramunno. “I’m proud of what he has accomplished during high school,” he adds.

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