Senior spotlight: Vail Mountain School soccer |

Senior spotlight: Vail Mountain School soccer

And please don't mention the Yankees

Who knows how the Vail Mountain School soccer season would have gone this season, but we're pretty sure it would have ended in orange.
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Some of the fun in writing these articles is wondering how a season might have gone.

Most of the time we’re just speculating. Maybe the team would have been good. Maybe not. As Chris Berman said, “That’s why they play the games.”

But Vail Mountain School girls soccer has established a bit of a pattern, so here we go. Please adjust your synergy, accordingly.

March: Under variegated skies at the cathedral of soccer that is Bandoni Alumni Field, the eponymous coach begins the season by talking about how his team is a work in progress waiting to incorporate athletes who are still skiing.

Bob Bandoni would also scoff at the notion that the Yankees are favored to win the American League. (While, of course, we are making fun of Bob, his four seniors are all ski racers.)

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Early April: The Gore Rangers are integrating philosophies from practice sessions and applying them to game situations within the context of the school’s culture. Bandoni says, “The fools are ruining the nation.” He is not referring to the Trump administration but the New York Yankees.

Late April: The Gore Rangers need to play faster and faster. There needs to be more synergy. Bandoni says, “It is what it is,” for the 27th time during postgame. The skies are still variegated.

Early May: The VMS soccer team plays six games in four days because that’s the way all spring regular seasons end. The Gore Rangers clinch a playoff spot and crack out the orange jerseys. The reporter rewrites the history of orange and Bandoni makes several John Irving references.

Mid May: Since VMS always gets the short end of the stick from the rating-percentage index, it ends up traveling to a small, unknown Colorado town, and Bandoni says his team will take the A-train there. The entire town of Paonia restarts protests against Bandoni.

The orange-clad Gore Rangers continue to blow up the bracket and end up in the 3A quarterfinals … again.

Yes, in theory, this was a story about the Vail Mountain School Class of 2020, but Bandoni is such a target-rich environment. Yet it’s not hard seeing the arc of this season.

The Gore Rangers have a quartet of seniors who would have more than capably led this squad.

• Katie Bervy: A four-year member of the team who surprisingly played defense. OK, that’s absolutely no surprise whatsoever. Her older brother, Max, also played in back for the gents in the fall.

“Her intuitive way of reading the game brings an added sense of calm and a sense of clarity,” Bandoni said. “She’s been a role model of just pure grit as a player.”

• Rachel Conley: Four years with Vail Mountain School soccer and rightfully proud of it.

“She emerged early as a leader, rallying the group and bringing a culture-infused approach to leadership, which was especially needed with such a prominent ninth-grade class,” Bandoni said.

• Ava Jemison and Skylar Adelman: They are newcomers from Ski & Snowboard Club Vail.

“It’s refreshing for all of us,” Bandoni said. “We love to provide the opportunity to play soccer and respect the courage involved to come on and join the team.”

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