Senior survival tips – Brush Creek elementary students |

Senior survival tips – Brush Creek elementary students

Cindy Ramunno
Special to the Senior SectionElementary school students at Brush Creek Elementary School in Eagle have a list of helpful tips to offer to seniors going off to college.

Hey all you seniors out there! Getting into college might be tough, but it will be fun. Here are some tips from us:

1.-You should be nice and helpful.

2. To get good grades you must study and work hard, or you’ll never pass and get a job.-

3. -You can go to parties, but don’t stay out too late or you won’t get enough sleep.

4. -Another little tip is to possibly get a stress ball ” sometimes college might be stressful.

5. -Don’t waste all your money because you’re not exactly rich in college!

6. -Don’t do anything stupid!–

7. -You should take notes during class. (Don’t doodle, pay attention!)

8. -Be nice to your roommates.

9. -Do things ahead of time, just in case. ( Don’t wait until the last minute! )

10. -Try your hardest ” don’t slack off!

11. -Stock up on Ramen noodles. (It’s cheap, yummy and easy!)

12. -Don’t worry so much about your girlfriend/boyfriend.

13. -Don’t ditch class!

14. -Stay organized.

15. -Stay healthy.

16. -Be on time!

-Good luck everyone.

We love you and we will miss you.- Congratulations.

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