Seniors land thousands in scholarships through Vail Valley Foundation program

The Vail Valley Foundation presented hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to dozens of local students during their annual Dollars for Scholars event.
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YouthPower365 Dollars for Scholars


• Erik Forbes, Eagle Valley

• Gerardo Lopez, Eagle Valley

• Nathaniel Badger, Battle Mountain

• Clementine Perkins, Battle Mountain

• Sarah Chilton, Whitworth University

American Gypsum

• Dean Smith, Eagle Valley

Chrissa Lea Swinford Scholarship

• Chapin Benway, Battle Mountain

Tom and Margaret Edwards Scholarship

• Arturo Loera, Eagle Valley

Vail Summit Orthopedics Scholarship

• Jessica Richie, Vail Christian

Eric Spry Memorial Scholarship

• Nathaniel Badger, Battle Mountain

Girl PowHER Scholarship

• Gabreala Gugule, Eagle Valley

• Analy Garcia, Eagle Valley

• Jersby Montes Mendoza, Eagle Valley

• Kimberly Gonzales, Battle Mountain

Helmut Fricker Scholarship

• Alec Mauro, Interlochen Arts Academy

Vail Valley Business Women

• Karsang Sherpa, Eagle Valley

• Chapin Benway, Battle Mountain

• Avery Maslan, Battle Mountain

• Meredith Padilla, Eagle Valley

• Alondra Perez, Eagle Valley

Hopper Scholarship

• Chapin Benway, Battle Mountain

June S. Kang Love of the Arts

• Serena Kozusko, Battle Mountain

• Erik Forbes, Eagle Valley

Screaming Eagle

• Jacob Daigle, Eagle Valley

Alexander J. Allen Trust

• Jacob Daigle, Eagle Valley

• Finn Blomquist, Eagle Valley

• Lindsay Martinez, Eagle Valley

• Rose Sandell, Eagle Valley

• Lydia Ruotolo, Battle Mountain

• Camila Peterson, Eagle Valley

• Franklin Reilly, Battle Mountain

• Adan Sokup, Eagle Valley

• Haley Frischolz, Battle Mountain

• Sydney Sappenfield, Vail Mountain School

• Kevin Garcia, Vail Mountain School

C3 Scholarship

• Edgar Palacio, Eagle Valley

• Cody Bahan, Battle Mountain

• Jose Andrade, Red Canyon

• Anastasia Olivas, Colorado Mountain College

• Isaiah Calona, Colorado Mountain College

• Jose Rodriguez, Colorado Mountain College

• Fadilayda Solak, Colorado Mountain College

• Katie Galaviz, Colorado Mesa

EDWARDS — Dozens of local Class of 2017 graduates received hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to help them fund their futures.

The Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365 annual scholarship night saw local students receive scholarships ranging from one-time $500 awards to four-year scholarships.

The Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365 Dollars for Scholars program started in 2001, when several Eagle Valley scholarship sponsors came together to create a single scholarship application for all sorts of post-high school institutions. The collaborative scholarship application is accessible for every high school graduate in the community.

Besides four-year colleges, the program has awarded scholarships to students with less traditional career goals, including community college and vocational programs. Each scholarship donor develops its own criteria, and individual considerations and requests are respected.

“We can’t overstress how important it is to give support to our young people as they set out on this critical time in their lives,” said Melisa Rewold-Thuon, executive director of the Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365. “Each one of those students worked hard to earn this support, and our community is making an investment in them because we see that as an investment in the future of our community, or any community where they might begin their careers, find their home or raise a family. We have such a quality community around us right now because of investments we made in our young people years ago. We owe it to the next generation, and ourselves, to continue growing our efforts in this kind of work.”

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The local program soon affiliated with Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars. Scholarship America is nationwide and helps community groups operate scholarship programs under Scholarship America’s charitable status.

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