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Senior’s Summer Business

Cindy Ramunno

When Eagle Valley senior Sean Bartlett isn’t working hard for the Devils by going up for a lay-up or passing for a touchdown, he’s working for himself. Last summer Bartlett, along with his brother Sam, ran a business seal-coating driveways. “My dad (Doug) had all of the equipment, and he kind of got us going,” explains Bartlett. Younger brother Danner also helped some last year and will probably put in more hours this summer.

The Bartlett boys do it all when it comes to parking lots and driveways, and they do much of their work during the weekends when businesses are closed. They paid out some of their earnings to mom Suzi, for taking business calls and setting up jobs.

“The hardest part is getting organized,” says Bartlett. Loading the trucks and making sure you have everything is tough. Getting clear out to a job and starting and then realizing you don’t have everything you need is a time-waster and a burden, so the guys make sure they gather everything before starting out.

The business was busy last summer and the guys are looking forward to another busy summer. “We didn’t do as much work as we could have ” it gets pretty busy,” says Bartlett, who also adds that his dad knows a lot of people who need the service. Bartlett’s brother Sam attends Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and younger brother Danner is a freshman at Eagle Valley.

And if working with your brothers all summer isn’t enough, Bartlett’s plan this fall is to attend CSU with his older brother living down the street. Even though he will be living in Corbett Hall with classmate and buddy Charles Faulhaber, he knows he’ll see the elder Bartlett a lot. “I’ll probably always be over there,” he says.

If you need your driveway or parking lot done, call these brothers at 328-5405.

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