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Separate questions

Don Rogers

This shouldn’t be difficult: Set up a bond measure for the Eagle County School District to build new schools. And set up another for the Eagle County Charter Academy seeking funds to build proper buildings on their campus.Let the voters decide on each request on their own merits. No need to gum up either goal in one request for both.Here, we’d even advocate a third bond request for district projects aside from new school campuses. We’re not sold, for instance, on the need for a new school bus garage; a little more creative cooperation between the county, with its still underutilized transportation facility, and the school district might be the better answer from a taxpayer’s point of view.The school district’s polling showing support for a bond funding new campuses is heartening. This likely will be the most important part of the November ballot. New campuses would help shape education locally for the better.The charter school might also benefit from some more creative thinking, too. Does it have to be in its current location, with modulars serving as classrooms? The current Minturn Middle School or maybe Avon Elementary might be more suitable places for the school. That likely would help the charter school’s alligator-arm reach into the Hispanic community anyway, and put an end to critics’ dismissal of the academy as another “white-flight” option.Don’t exclude the charter school’s request. Add it to the ballot, too. As its own measure.Vail, Colorado

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