Serving up safe parties for teens |

Serving up safe parties for teens

Carolyn Pope
Carolyn PopeKori Landauer, Lauren Gustafson, Alexa Corcoran, Anna Seibert, Bryn Jacobs and Jennifer Thul with their server, Ryan Sutter.

As a parent, I am concerned about what happens when my son is old enough to get behind the wheel of a car. I’m a proactive mother; we talk about drugs and alcohol and what happens when you drink or get high. We talk about the ramifications of driving after a beer or two, or getting into the car with someone driving who has had a beer or two. I stick with a no-tolerance policy, as most parents I know do.

High school graduation and prom night certainly raise concerns with parents regarding drinking. You tell them no, but on the other hand, unless you are their chaperone and chauffeur, how can you definitively know that something won’t happen?

Project Graduation is an alternative to the high school parties that can end in tragedy. For several years now, Battle Mountain High School has held a Project Graduation party at Avon Recreation Center. High schools across the country are doing the same ” providing an enticing atmosphere of party and fun for graduating seniors without alcohol. The party goes on until the wee hours with loud music, good food and great prizes.

Having a party like this takes money. One way the mothers who organize the party raise money are through dinners at local restaurants with “celebrity” servers. This year, E-Town and Zacca Za hosted the dinners, and each time, the restaurants were packed with students, parents and friends who tip very heavily on the dinner, because every cent of the tips goes toward Project Graduation, held on May 31st (after graduation).

This year’s servers included Vail Resorts’ John Garnsey, philanthropist Bobby Hernreich, firefighter Ryan Sutter, Jeff Layman, Vail Chief of Police Dwight Henninger, Chupa Nelson and more.

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