Setting record straight on how Mountaineer treated community group representative |

Setting record straight on how Mountaineer treated community group representative

Sharmon O'Brien
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have recently had a very disappointing experience with the Vail Mountaineer. I and the nonprofit I am associated with were intentionally misrepresented in a front page article in the Mountaineer on April 23.

I feel that I was “used” to fuel their battle against the Vail Daily. There was no caring about the integrity of the article or the ramifications to me, due to the inaccurate information that was published.

In response to that article, I wrote a letter correcting the misinformation which the Mountaineer’s editor said he’d publish in its entirety with possibly a few grammatical and punctuation corrections.

The next day, the letter appeared on their front page with a good portion of the information I wanted corrected eliminated from the letter.

Once again, I felt used for their warfare.

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I would like to declare that I have worked with the Vail Daily for 20 years. While there may have been frustrations at times mostly due to staff turnovers, I have never been disrespected and intentionally misrepresented as I have experienced in the last few days from the Vail Mountaineer.

Vail Daily, I would like to express my appreciation to you and your journalists who have upheld your integrity throughout the years.

I wish you the best in these challenging times and applaud you for not lowering your journalistic standards.

Sharmon O’Brien

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