Shannon Aragon |

Shannon Aragon

School: Eagle Valley High School

Nickname: Shany, Shay, Shan-poo, Shany-Poo, Shaners, Shan

How many years in county: 17 ” all of my life!

Parent/s’ names: Patrick and Norma Aragon

Siblings, ages: Miranda, 14

OK, you’re 30: What have you done (college, job, kids etc.), where do you live and what do you do? I have graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a doctorate degree in English. I am a high school English teacher. I have married my high school sweetheart (everyone knows who that is!) and I have two children; one boy and one girl. I live in San Diego, Calif., and I have also opened my own clothing and shoe boutique.

What items might you put in a personal time capsule to open at your 20th high school reunion? Why those? I would put my letter jacket along with all of my awards, a photo album of all of my friends, a volleyball, Kenzie’s volleyball shoes she gave me, my high school picture IDs and mine and Jessie’s box full of secrets. Noel’s note she wrote me that I may have lost, but will find someday. I would put all of these items in a time capsule because each item has a different meaning to me, but they all are very special.

Best high school memory: Every moment that I spent talking with my sister about absolutely everything. Also watching her play sports because she is amazing. She is going to kick butt when she is a senior. I love you Mandy. All the times I spent with my friends-and Sean. My volleyball career! I loved everything about playing the sport I love. Everything that I went through in high school.

Favorite teacher and why: My favorite teachers are Miss Wright and Miss Weaver. They both are wonderful women with beautiful hearts. They both were always there for me whenever I needed advice or someone to talk to. They have impacted my life in a way that only I could understand. They are the ones who motivate and encourage me to be the best I can be.

Vail Colorado

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