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Share the Wealth

Open Letter to Rob Katz and Vail Resorts

Shame on you, Rob Katz, for being such a greedy capitalist. And shame on you, Vail Resorts, for ignoring the needs of the many employees in favor of a privileged few.

Many, if not most, of your employees are making $8-$11 an hour without benefits (as if they could afford to buy them on $8 an hour!). They can’t even make rent much less pay for a down payment on a house.

My child graduated from CSU with a degree in natural resources and a concentration in outdoor recreation and tourism, and after three seasons is making only $11 an hour with only limited tips. Most of the parents who take their kids to ski school erroneously believe that the outrageous fees they pay go to pay for the salary of the instructor when in fact those fees are helping to line the pockets of Rob Katz and his ilk.

These kids qualify for low-income housing, and to add insult to injury, they have to scramble to find some kind of off-season employment. They have no hope of saving for a down payment or qualifying for a mortgage loan. And Rob Katz is getting paid millions in salary, bonuses and stock. No wonder there is so little left over to pay the wages for anyone else!

Nothing is being done to address this wide disparity, or the needs of the citizens of the state of Colorado. In fact, the only interest it seems, is the greedy expectation of the people and of the natural resources which belong to everyone, for the benefit of a privileged few.

There are only 24 hours in the day, and by no measure can the product of Rob Katz’s labor justify or warrant such a vast disparity between his compensation package and the paltry amount given to the average worker. There can be only one explanation–GREED!

Again I say, “shame on you!”. Be good corporate citizens, considerate neighbors and fair employers.

Take less, give more. Share the wealth.

Joanna Keinnamen

Houston, Texas

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