Share your views on the Web |

Share your views on the Web

Austin Richardson

Here’s your chance to let everyone in the Vail Valley know how you feel.Like Tipsline? Well, then have we got a deal for you. Don’t like it? Well, you have another forum to hate. Something for everyone.You can post your comments on on stories published to the Web site. Once registered, readers have the opportunity to debate other readers in an online forum. A new poll, called “Quick Survey” on the news section front of will allow readers to vote online about a subject and post a comment too. Did a story in the paper only tell one side of the story, or miss a key part? Here’s a chance to set the record straight. Each story will feature a “comment” icon at the top of the story. This will allow readers to share their thoughts with other on-line readers.Traditionally, letters to the editor have been the most effective way for readers to let their feelings be known in a public forum. But in the age of the Internet, a more direct path is available.Whether readers share negative or positive comments, a lively debate will ultimately result with more information and views being exchanged. Following this, one of the main goals of the Vail Daily will be closer to one of its primary goals: informing and engaging readers with their community. What will not be posted are libelous statements, personal character attacks or advertising. The same set of “letters to the editor” criteria for the print side of the Vail Daily will also be applied to the Web site.So let the rest of the community that meets online know about your insights, gripes and attaboys. Share your wisdom at, Colorado

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