Sharing his world view through photos |

Sharing his world view through photos

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Vail CO Colorado
Special to the DailyJustin Way

Landscape and aerial photographer Justin Way is showing his work at Loaded Joe’s in Avon this month. Way sells his art at the Vail Farmers Markets in the summer as well as online at

He answered some questions for the Vail Daily.

1. Vail Daily: What does art mean to you?

Justin Way: I guess when it all boils down to it, art is pure expression. Every piece has a story being told by the artist, some strive to make a statement, others to convey an emotion, but either are products of an artist expressing themselves, the world, or an idea, through a particular medium. Every photograph is my attempt to share a view of the world around us from a different perspective.

2. VD: When did you know you wanted to become an artist?

JW: I have always had a passion for art, specifically photography. Growing up I spent many hours in the dark room and even more hours out shooting. I worked for an Irish photographer, which gave me great insight into the creation process and what is involved in professional photography. I have always been fascinated by the principles of photography on a fundamental level. Truthfully though I never really planned to become an artist, that has sort of evolved with time.

3. VD: What inspires you to create? What sort of mood do you have to be in?

JW: For me there is nothing more liberating than capturing a shot that I am proud of, and translating that into a work of art. My inspiration is my desire to share my photography with the world. With photography, at least for me, I do not need to be in any particular mood to create my work. When I am creating, my mood naturally transcends into a very pleasing state.

4. VD: Why did you choose the medium that you work with, or did it choose you?

JW: Actually a little of both really. I will still print to traditional photographic paper and matte and frame it with glass, however I prefer to work with canvas for two main reasons. First, when preserved properly with archival varnish, it has a greater archival period than traditional paper. Canvas that has been properly treated should maintain its integrity and not fade for 100 to 200 years of normal museum exposure to UV rays. The second reason I prefer canvas is that it gives the photography a real texture and depth that perfectly accents the aerial mountain landscapes which I specialize in.

5. VD: Do you own a favorite piece of art? If so, describe it and tell us why you bought it?

JW: My favorite piece of art is called Cafe Terrace On The Place Du Forum 1888 by Vincent Van Gogh. It is scene of a European cafe with tables in the street, and has subtle religious overtones. I bought it because I really appreciate his work, and this particular piece reminded me of “Starry Night,” which is also one of my favorite Van Gogh pieces.

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