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Sharing nature with others

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NWS Susan Kaemmerlen1 SM 7-28-06

Name: Susan KaemmerlenMedium: Acrylic and oil.How long have you lived in the valley: Summers for seven yearsDate and time of show: Now through Aug. 15. Opening artist reception is Wednesday from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the Vail Library Community Room.

Location of show: Vail LibraryName of show: “Colorado Summer” 1. What does art mean to you? Art, specifically painting, gives me the opportunity to recapture for myself and share with others the wonderful experiences I have had hiking in the incredibly beautiful wilderness that surrounds Vail.

2. When did you know you wanted to become an artist? I have always enjoyed art and wanted to become an artist, but did not receive the encouragement needed to pick up a brush until 10 years ago. 3. What inspires you to create? Beautiful landscapes – nature.

4. What sort of mood do you have to be in? Basically, I feel that I have to have taken care of the little trivia that clutters my life before I can allow myself the luxury of painting. For example, I can’t paint with dirty dishes in the sink. And, I have to feel courageous. When one faces a blank canvas, one needs courage. 5. Why did you choose the medium that you work with, or did it choose you? Initially I started with watercolor because the start-up materials were relatively inexpensive, and at that point I was just experimenting with art. This was a happy circumstance because watercolor is a very difficult and demanding medium. You have to think first because mistakes are not easily remedied. After training with watercolor, I found painting with acrylics and oil to be a delight – if you paint something you don’t like, you can simply paint over it. Acrylics and oil are much more forgiving. Additionally, acrylics are particularly appealing because they dry very quickly, are easier to transport, and don’t require a particular storage area while drying. My dog once walked over an oil painting I had just finished, and tracked the oil paint all over the carpet.

6. Describe your style? I think my style is fairly loose and free – specific detail is not my forte – but on the other hand, I do want my paintings to be representative of specific landscapes. For example, if I name a painting, say, “Betty Ford Garden,” I’d like the viewer to recognize a specific scene from that garden. But, nevertheless, the view is filtered through me, interpreted by me, my “imprression.” So, I’d call my style “realistic impressionism.” 7. If you could meet any artist who would it be? I’ve been very fortunate to meet several terrific artists, and each has contributed to my learning. We always talk about art, different mediums, locals, workshops, and so forth.

8. Do you own a favorite piece of art? I love to collect art, and have many small works from all over the world hanging on my walls. My absolute favorite, however, is a portrait of a young Tibetan girl which I purchased at the Painters’ Village in Chongking, China. I love it for the artist’s use of light in illuminating the girl’s hair and face and the texture of materials surrounding her. It is the only portrait in my collection. It’s amazing, and afforded me the opportunity to meet one of China’s best artists. 9. Where do you sell your art? I’ve sold my paintings to private collectors in Key West, Fla., Westport, Conn., and Eagle County.Vail, Colorado

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