Shaw Cancer Center sign project necessitates mounteering skills from Apex Rope Access |

Shaw Cancer Center sign project necessitates mounteering skills from Apex Rope Access

Scott Smith from Apex Rope Access hangs from his harness while working to install the new Shaw Cancer Center sign.
Photo courtsy Brett Baekey |

New names

When the Vail Valley Medical Center re-branded to Vail Health in August, many of its entities, including the Shaw Cancer Center, underwent name changes, as well. Here’s a roundup of where those names started and what they are now.

• Vail Valley Medical Center (system) — Vail Health

• Vail Valley Medical Center (hospital) — Vail Health Hospital

• VVMC Diversified Services — Vail Health Clinics

• Multispecialty Clinic (locations) — Vail Health Clinics

• VVMC Foundation — Vail Health Foundation

• Shaw Regional Cancer Center — Shaw Cancer Center

• Mountain Surgical Associates — Surgical Associates

• Vail Institute for Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery — Plastic Surgery

• Women’s & Children’s Center — Family Birth Center

• Cardiology Institute — Cardiovascular Center

• Eagle Valley Pharmacy — Vail Pharmacy

Source: Vail Health

EDWARDS — Vail Health, formerly known as Vail Valley Medical Center, spent months developing its re-branding campaign, but it takes a bit more than a community announcement for that decision to physically take hold.

Such was the case for the Shaw Cancer Center, formerly the Shaw Regional Cancer Center.

“Over the years, we’ve seen an increase in patients coming from all over the country to get treatment at Shaw, so we didn’t want to limit ourselves by saying we’re a regional cancer center. We’re now Shaw Cancer Center,” said Emily Tamberino, communications and publications manager for Vail Health.

Dropping that single word from the center’s name necessitated some very specialized skills of the mountaineering variety. Luckily there’s a local resource — Apex Rope Access — uniquely positioned to help.

Apex Rope Access, born from the operators of Apex Mountain School, offers industrial/commercial rope work for businesses that require technical rope systems for maintenance, installation, rigging, rope rescue and other high-angle and vertical access projects.

“Apex Rope Access is the premier rope access service in the area, providing businesses in the local and surrounding counties with this valuable service,” said company/school spokesman Brett Baekey. “We operate using industry-approved techniques and equipment and pride ourselves on a high level of professionalism in a commercial environment.”

Four-day effort

Baekey noted that the site where the Shaw Cancer Center sign is located doesn’t allow crane access. Greg Post, of Roaring Fork Sign Co., reached out to Apex regarding the sign-hanging project.

“Greg and his team from Roaring Fork Sign were excellent partners to work with on this project — professionals through every step,” said Scott Smith, Apex Rope Access’s lead installer on the project.

Apex worked at the site for four days in early November.

“Challenges included scoping the work site and determining what structures could be utilized for securing rope systems safely and efficiently, determining how to situate the ropes so that they provided the necessary security without negatively impacting the newly placed signage and existing structure and ensuring an efficient timeline for installation,” Baekey said.

“Each letter was lowered into place and secured from a vertical position. Hanging in a harness for four days while using power tools is physical and stressful work, but our team pulled it off without a hitch.”

New focus

Baekey said the Shaw Cancer Center project is the first job for Apex Mountain School’s new Apex Rope Access business. He said it was a natural evolution for the Vail mountaineering school and climbing guide service, which has been operating for more than 15 years in the valley.

“We can assure a high standard of safety and that the job will be done a lot better,” Baekey said.

Apex Rope Access can be reached at 970-390-3945.

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