Shedding light on TAP |

Shedding light on TAP

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

It would hardly be news if we found out that a private company decided to create an employee advancement program that wasn’t exactly universally popular with the rank-and-file folks.

For the past few years, however, a very similar story line has been playing out in our Eagle County School District. Since the district started using the Teacher Advancement Program to evaluate teachers for raises and promotions, it has been viewed harshly by critics who argue the program unfairly evaluates teachers and is actually making our local schools worse, not better.

From where we sit, that isn’t quite the case. Test scores have gone down and up since TAP. We’d like to see that trend turn into a steady climb up.

And the complaints we’ve been hearing lately have more to do with who is doing the evaluating, and not as much with how the teachers are evaluated.

That’s not surprising either. Employee evaluations, despite all good intentions, are always influenced by those who do the reviews. Learning that the person you called your peer last year is now the person who is doing the evaluating is a little humbling, too. We in the private sector have been enduring a similarly flawed, yet usually effective system for years.

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Because we’re talking about the state of our local public education here, the TAP dispute deserves to be aired out publicly and honestly ” warts and all. Egos may be bruised, workplace politics may be disrupted. But of all the public institutions that exist in this county ” from towns to police to metro districts ” public schools may have the biggest and most measurable impact on our readers.

That’s why the truth about TAP ” hard as it is to get ” is always acceptable to print.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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