Sheep on Bridge Street? You bet they can run |

Sheep on Bridge Street? You bet they can run

Veronica Whitney
Preston Utley/Vail DailyThousands of spectators gather to watch the Running of the Sheep Saturday in Vail Village. The event was part of the Graze at Vail activities.

VAIL – It’s June and skiers are a thing of the past on Bridge Street. Instead, sheep took over the town’s main artery Saturday for the first Running of the Sheep part of The Graze at Vail event.A herd of five sheep – each representing a Vail-based charity – raced down Bridge Street for about 100 yards.And like in horse races, people bet for their favorite sheep – the money is going to the charities.

“I bet for the number five,” said Elise Burchard, 18, of Chicago. “I chose that one because I wanted to support the Vail Fire Department.”Though she doesn’t snowboard, Marina Sideli bet for sheep number four, racing for the Snowboard Outreach Society.The race went without incidents – not even a fight with the dogs hanging out near the race course. The only time the sheep got a little unruly was when Steve Jones was trying to but the bib numbers on them.And which one won?

After less than a minute race, number five won (number two was ahead, but she stopped right before the finish line).”It was great, very exciting, especially when they stopped to graze,” joked Colleen Waterous of Denver. “They should do it every year. It’s a great way to get donations.”Darlene Diehl said she’d like to see more sheep in the event next year.”Maybe 50 or more,” said Diehl of Denver. “Like the running of the bulls in Spain.”

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