Shell Haley leads ‘The Power of Intentions’ at Dogma Athletica in Edwards |

Shell Haley leads ‘The Power of Intentions’ at Dogma Athletica in Edwards

Shell Haley
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What: “The Power of Intentions,” the first in a 8-class series taught by Shell Haley.

Where: Dogma Athletica, Edwards.

When: The first class is 1 to 4:15 p.m. Sunday. Sign up for the 8-month series or take each class individually.

Cost: $35 preregistration or $45 at the door for non-members; $30 member pre-registration or $40 for a member at the door.

More information: Call 970-688-4433 or visit

EDWARDS — Is there more to yoga than simple postures? Postures are only the tip of the iceberg — the outermost part of yoga. The subtler, more internal aspects are invisible and often missed. Yoga is a complete approach to integrating the body, mind and spirit, and that integration is what brings us into union or internal happiness.

But life just happens, right? Most of life normally seems like it is coming from the outside. Things happen and you react to them. We desire this or that and when we attain it, does the happiness really last? We really play a significant role in every experience that we have. Understanding how we shape our own life and our life experiences helps us shape our future.

Dogma Athletica in Edwards is hosting a series of classes to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga. Sunday’s workshop is the first of eight in the series that will delve into all eight limbs of yoga and offer tools to take your yoga off the mat and into your life.


This week, instructor Shell Haley will discuss The Power of Intentions.

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“An intention acts as a mission statement that guides and structures every stage of your life,” Haley said.

Each student will learn how to structure and create an intention for their life.

In addition, you will understand the difference between a goal and intention, how to work with karma instead of feeling it’s out to get you and how to use yoga and an intention in your daily life.

This workshop is for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Haley’s teacher, yogi Amrit Desai, said, “If yoga doesn’t change your life, it isn’t yoga.” Desai, the only living master in the United States, is an internationally renowned yoga master, author and widely acknowledged for carrying the true and authentic voice of yoga to the world. Now 82, he’s devoted his life to spreading the teachings of yoga.

Haley is a certified 500-hour Amrit Yoga instructor and Yoga Nidra facilitator. She is honored to be a part of a sacred lineage of teachers: Dadaji, Swami Kripalu and yogi Amrit Desai. Haley regularly teaches at Dogma, Synergy and Arrowhead Alpine Club. Call 970-688-4433 or visit for more information.

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