Sheriff Joe earns 2nd term |

Sheriff Joe earns 2nd term

Don Rogers

Joe Hoy has come a long way from learning the toughest lessons a brand new sheriff could face with the arrival of Kobe Bryant in the summer of 2003.Just months into office, Hoy felt the full glare of a nation’s attention. And yes, we thought he blinked a few times.But we also see that he learned from the experience, and that he’s grown in the job these years since Kobe left town, hopefully for good. This growth shows us that Hoy has earned a second term. He made smart choices hiring then-Avon Police Chief Jeff Layman as undersheriff and promoting his election rival Bill Kaufman to run the county jail. If you judge by who a leader surrounds himself with, well, this speaks volumes in the positive.Hoy is making efforts to provide avenues of growth and promotion for patrol deputies. The new policing effort over the Internet should give online predators something more to think about. We encourage the sheriff to continue and even to build upon his community outreach work.At times harsh critics of the sheriff early on, we’re struck now by his growing confidence and willingness to communicate. We like his enthusiasm for the work ahead, too, and feel confident ourselves that he and his department are up to the challenges we all face with the county’s population surge.His opponent this election season, Scott Griffin, believes he could do the better job. Griffin has a range of experience in various airport supervisory roles, on the Eagle Fire Protection District’s board, and working as a deputy himself.His campaign this time was mired in its own hard lessons of inexperience and he just hasn’t made a compelling case for change. Meantime, we can see Hoy has learned his lessons well, if sometimes the hard way. Vail, Colorado

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