Sheriff proposes giving citizens radar guns |

Sheriff proposes giving citizens radar guns

Nicole Formosa

SUMMIT COUNTY – Summit County Sheriff John Minor suggests giving citizens radar guns to enforce speed limits. If this idea is accepted by a citizens advisory committee, volunteers would sit on the side of the road in their vehicles and clock speeding motorists. They would not have any contact with motorists and would never give tickets.Instead, the volunteers would forward the license plate number to the Sheriff’s office, which would then send out a letter politely asking the violator to slow down.Sheriff Minor received mixed reviews after he presented the idea to the committee.”We talked about it and obviously some people were concerned about the safety of the people on the side of the road, but we did state that those people would take no law enforcement action,” Minor said.Minor stressed the program would be used only as a friendly reminder to people who are driving too fast. He said that if, down the line, the program is adopted, the public will be educated about how it will work before volunteers take to the streets.Minor got the idea from an article he read in the Denver Post about a community in the Denver area that had begun using citizens to enforce speeding, he said.He also said using citizens to help enforce laws isn’t new to Summit County.”We used to do something similar to this in Silverthorne, when we had people with disabilities take photos of people illegally parking in handicapped spaces, ” Minor said.Minor asked the committee to talk with friends and family members to get a better idea of how the community as a whole feels about the proposal, but said, regardless, it would be months before the idea became a reality. Vail Colorado

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