Sheriff says remove your plates, Vail Valley |

Sheriff says remove your plates, Vail Valley

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado – The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office is seeing an increase in the number of people in Colorado’s Vail Valley selling their vehicles and leaving the license plates on the vehicle. License plates are registered to the owner, not the vehicle, leaving the registered owner responsible for any misuse of the plates. There is no automatic cancellation or transfer for license plates.

The Sheriff’s Office strongly advises owners to remove plates when vehicles are sold. If a parking ticket is issued to the new owner of the vehicle, as owner of the license plates left on the vehicle, the previous owner is solely responsible for any penalties associated with these tickets.

Problems arise when crimes such as theft of gas or careless driving are committed. When the license plates are still in the original owner’s name law enforcement will contact them as officers will not know who the new owner is.

Those that are caught driving a vehicle without proper license plates will have their vehicle towed, resulting in hundreds of dollars in tow and storage fees, and will be summonsed into court for class two traffic misdemeanor.

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