Shock and awe has reached a new level in American politics (letter) |

Shock and awe has reached a new level in American politics (letter)

New level in American politics

To the editor: Shock and awe has reached a new level in American politics. That an American president is trashing our allies, those that we fought with in World War II and who came to our aid after 9/11, while publicly throwing his own justice department under the bus and praising the Russian president is simply difficult to believe. He trusts a former KGB agent and not the FBI. Some are calling it treason.

Where are the Republicans who have always stood for law and order and free trade? Where are the American people when they see children separated from their parents and sent to detention camps? Maybe when jobs start to be lost due to his tariffs, his base will wake up. We are in real and present danger of becoming a third-world dictatorship.

What can we do? We can rally. We can and must engage. Everyone who loves and cares about this country needs to vote in November. The Founding Fathers wanted a system of checks and balances. What we have now are two branches of government run by the party of President Donald Trump with the third branch, the judiciary, close behind.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or unaffiliated, this is your wake-up call. We need to make America great again by reining in a tyrant and reestablishing the values upon which this country was founded.

America has had a historically low voter turnout in all elections but especially in the midterms when it is a non-presidential year. This one needs to be different. Everyone needs to vote and know that each vote counts.

Carol L. Goldstein, Ph.D. RN


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