Shocked by Runyon TV flap |

Shocked by Runyon TV flap

Ron Wolfe

Shock, disappointment and appreciation were my reactions to the headline and article about Commissioner Peter Runyon and TV18.

I was shocked that the local Republican Party extremists attempted to use the Fair Campaign Practices Act requirements to try to keep Runyon from doing his job. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been. Just as they have done in the last few elections, rather than compete with ideas and solutions they resort to tactics like this, hide behind anonymous 527 organizations, send “poison pen” mailings, distort facts and pander to fears and emotions.

Runyon’s voluntary “caving in” to the bogus challenges at first disappointed me. We all need every opportunity to learn about understand our county government, issues and our elected officials and their priorities and projects. Peter is one-third of our county government and his ” as well as the other commissioners ” conducting “Up Front” shows provides valuable information and insight. The local extremists are denying me and you our right to the ideas and understanding of local issues that the program has provided. They are undermining Runyon’s ability to do what we expect of a county commissioner.

My final and eventual reaction was appreciation. Runyon’s voluntary withdrawal from the show demonstrates his respect for the citizens of Eagle County, his intelligence and his commitment to keeping the political process focused on real issues, real ideas and real results. The county attorney advised that the assertions and allegation of unfair practice were without grounds and could be successfully refuted. Rather than waste time and money and allow the extremists to shift our attention from meaningful issues, solutions and results, Runyon took the high road and voluntarily withdrew from doing the show.

I have already supported Peter’s re-election, and I continue to do so with even more conviction. Peter has brought civility to relationships within county government and with the towns. He has gained our trust and confidence; he is working on our issues and our priorities ” the right issues and priorities. As an elected official, I understand the “learning curve” and the productivity and effectiveness that come with time in office. Peter is our best choice for and has earned another term. He is in touch with our needs and priorities today ” not the past. Thank you Peter.

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