Shooting house, firing range coming to Gypsum |

Shooting house, firing range coming to Gypsum

Derek Franz
Gyspum, CO Colorado

GYPSUM, Colorado – The Gypsum Town Council has approved site and lease agreement changes between On-Target and the Gypsum Gun Club.

On-Target is going to be a three-dimensional, tactical shooting house and indoor firing range located on an unused section of Gypsum’s Shooting Sports Park. Plans for the approximately $6 million On-Target structure have been in the works for more than a year.

Part of the approved changes allow for a separate parking lot and entrance from the gun club.

“Under the former, original lease location of the parking lot, the [shooting facilities] would end up competing with each other,” said Jeff Shroll, Gypsum town manager. “If one was having an event the other would be affected.”

The other changes deal with the lease itself. The original 10-year lease with an option to renew for another 10 years became a 15-year deal with an option to renew for another 15 years.

The shooting park is located north of Interstate 70 in Gypsum and managed by the Eagle Valley Rod and Gun Club.

On-Target will be a rather unique facility for the area, with only a few other similar facilities in the nation. It was originally planned as just the shooting house, with moveable armored walls, floors and ceilings, and estimated to cost between $3 million and $4 million. Interest has blossomed, however, and plans now include an indoor firing range with 15 50-yard lanes.

“Interest from law enforcement and military was so large that building a shooting range became necessary,” said Matt Bayley, On-Target’s head instructor and major shareholder.

“There is no facility like it west of the Mississippi and none like it in the civilian realm,” he added. “This is set up to be very profitable.”

Government entities are the major backers of the project, as it will provide a training area. When not in use by officials, though, tourists might pay as much as $500 per person per day to use the facility. The price structure for locals will be as affordable as “going bowling or going to the movies,” Bayley said.

Some likely tourists to visit On-Target would be foreigners that aren’t allowed to possess or shoot firearms in their countries, Bayley said. Here, they could do that and also ski.

Not just any Joe-Schmo can walk in and start shooting, though. Civilians will have to qualify at a variety of levels to use the house. For example, a shooter must prove him or herself with a handgun before doing the course with a rifle. All civilian users will have to submit to background checks.

“This is for law-abiding, American citizens,” Bayley said.

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