Short-term rental enforcement begins in town of Avon; applications online |

Short-term rental enforcement begins in town of Avon; applications online

AVON — Enforcement of the Town of Avon’s municipal code that limits, regulates and taxes short-term rentals began this week. The town code requires every property providing any room or rooms used for accommodations for a total continuous duration of fewer than 30 days to have a business license for short-term accommodations and to include the business license number on any advertisement.

Currently, the town has approximately 100 property owners with short-term rental licenses. The town estimates that there are as many as 1,100 short-term rental listings currently within the town on more than 20 short-term rental websites. The town has contracted with Host Compliance to help with short-term rental compliance monitoring and enforcement. Host Compliance will be sending warning letters to property owners who may not be in compliance.

Short-term rentals are subject to zoning regulations and are only allowed within the limits of the Avon Short Term Rental Overlay zone district. Short-term rentals are not allowed in Wildridge. Penalties for noncompliance include a citation to the Avon Municipal Court and, further, issuing a warrant.

Applications for short-term rental business licenses are accepted online at Concerns and complaints about short-term rentals can be emailed to Visit for detailed information regarding short-term rental compliance.

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