Short-term rentals out in Avon neighborhood |

Short-term rentals out in Avon neighborhood

AVON ” Noise and nuisance complaints won out Tuesday night over some residents’ fears Avon was violating their right to rent their homes to people not planning to stay in town very long.

An issue that had stirred tempers in recent days was put to rest “legally, at least ” by an ordinance passed unanimously Tuesday evening by the Avon Town Council that prohibits short-term rentals in the Wildridge subdivision.

“We use a professional rental company… to screen every renter,” said John Minervini, a second-home owner in Wildridge who opposed the ban. “We’re trying to appeal to family groups, not party groups.”

Minervini rents out his Wildridge home to offset taxes, utility bills and

cable costs, he said.

But an overarching theme at Tuesday’s meeting centered on what speakers called the neighborhood’s family culture. “The spirit of Wildridge is not income producing,” said Tim Savage, a Wildridge resident and member of the town’s zoning commission.

Turnout at Tuesday’s meeting taxed the council’s normally near-vacant chambers. About 20 Wildridge residents spoke before the council.

Speakers overwhelmingly favored the adoption of some form of the

ordinance, with only a few neutral or against the measure.

Many residents said vacationers renting homes for only a few weeks tend to party.

The ordinance comes as a result of complaints of excessive noise, parking and trash at a home on Ferret Lane, where large groups rented on a short-term basis.

The house on Ferret Lane belongs to second-home owner Per Huffeldt, who said he could have solved the problem if he’d known of the complaints.

The new law defines a “lodge” as a short-term rental to any number of people for less than a month. Zoning laws in Wildridge already prohibit lodges and hotels.

But passage of the ordinance did not come without reservations by some council members. Councilman Brian Sipes said he worried Wildridge could become “dark” in the future if second-home owners are unable find renters.

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