Should you hand-deliver your Eagle County ballot? |

Should you hand-deliver your Eagle County ballot?

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – Time may be running short to return your county election ballot by mail.

Ballots have to be in the hands of Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s office employees by 7 p.m. Nov. 1. First-class mail generally takes a few days to get just about anywhere, but it’s hard to tell just how long a letter will take from one place to another.

“You just don’t know,” Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Teak Simonton said Wednesday. “If it was me, I’d have had it in the mail today.”

Variations in how long mail takes to get from place to place sometimes depend on the post office a letter or package is sent from. Simonton said that a fairly large batch of undeliverable ballots took several days longer to get back from one county post office – she didn’t name names.

If you haven’t yet mailed your ballot and want to be sure it’s counted Nov. 1, ballots can be hand-delivered to clerk’s offices in Avon, Eagle and El Jebel. Those offices are also the only place someone can vote in person, or have a spoiled ballot replaced.

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So far, about 5,000 completed ballots of the 24,000 mailed out have been returned, while about 1,400 have been returned as undeliverable. Voters who didn’t get a ballot and believe they’re eligible to vote can check on their status with the clerk’s office. People who can vote will have to do so in person.

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