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Show me the singles

Caramie Schnell

If there is one dating mantra Amy Schwelling has heard from other single woman over and over since she moved to Vail last season it’s this: slim pickings.

“Up here you tend to run into men with the Peter Pan attitude,” Schwelling said. “Women I run into up here say you’re not going to find ‘the one’ here in the mountains.”

When I tell Schwelling, 39, The Vail Trail has decided to embark on an adventure focused on finding and showcasing the valley’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, she agrees to take part, as long as one thing is understood: eligible does not mean desperate. And, she hopes, maybe she’ll show the mantra false.

“I’m trying to find someone to prove these women wrong, that there are still a few good men in the mountains,” she said. “Everyone said they’re all players up here. I want someone genuine.”

Over the next four weeks Trail staffers will be around town scoping the singles scene. We’ll compile a list of candidates, conduct interviews and whittle the number down to the most eligible five men and five women. Then we’ll quiz them, take their picture and feature them in the paper. Oh, and they will also win a gift certificate to a local eatery where they can take one of the dates they’re sure to score as a result of this campaign.

So what exactly should The Trail use as their criteria for selecting the valley’s most eligible singles?

They should have a good sense of humor, Schwelling said, but a “witty and intelligent sense of humor, not the Beavis and Butthead sort.”

Employment is good, but Schwelling said she’s not looking for some millionaire.

What’s more important is someone who is passionate about his or her profession.

Another bachelor nominee, Alex Woods, 25, said the people we chose should represent the valley as a whole – “they should be energetic and excited about the upcoming season,” Woods said. “And have passion for the snow and playing in it.”

As far as looks go, Woods agreed with Schwelling that they should come second, but he encouraged us to look for one characteristic: “nice eyes – they should have nice eyes,” he said.

A call for entries

There’s no way The Trail can pull this contest off alone. If you, or someone you know, should be featured in The Trail as an eligible, single member of this valley, then please – LET US KNOW (see below).

Oh yeah, there are a few rules. First, you must actually be single. Second, you have to be 21 or older. Third, and here comes the disclaimer, The Trail is in no way responsible for all of the dates you’re going to get after we plaster your cute face in the paper.

And BTW, we’re not only looking for the hot 22-year-old lift op who goes out six nights a week and plays the field as much as Terrell Owens pisses people off, we’re also looking for the 34-year-old real estate agent who keeps missing the true-love-train and the 40-or-50-something who’s maybe been around the block, but is single and looking to (heart) again.

Don’t forget to call/e-mail/tell Caramie Schnell your nominations. Her number is (970) 748-2984 and her e-mail address is

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