Showdown that won’t happen |

Showdown that won’t happen

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

Scott McInnis, retired congressman, will stay retired. Too bad.

Here, we were looking forward to a contest for U.S. Senate between two men who had represented Eagle County well in the U.S. House.

Mark Udall, who represents us now, is the Democratic Party front-runner for Sen. Wayne Allard’s seat in 2008.

Republican McInnis, who served Eagle County when it was part of his district, has been thinking about running for Senate. The prospect of returning to Washington, D.C., after leaving office a few years ago proved too daunting.

Family concerns, the commitment that a Senate position requires and no doubt the allure of Colorado itself all contributed.

Some observers wonder if perhaps McInnis was too moderate for today’s Republican Party, as well. For social issues, at least, the GOP could stand a few good candidates with centrist views.

McInnis was seen by at least some as the Republican front runner, and his decision not to run has stirred speculation of rifts in the party between conservatives and moderates.

Part of that has to come from his comment to the Grand Junction Sentinel: “If the party can’t unify, they can’t win a statewide race. But if they can unify, they’ll be able to recruit people like Russell George or Rebecca Love Kourlis.”

Neither has expressed an interest or had their names listed as possible candidates. Former U.S. Rep. Bob Schaffer and state Attorney General John Souther seem to be the most mentioned potential candidates.

Meantime, Udall continues as the only Democrat candidate in the field, and even he has not declared his candidacy officially. Of course, November 2008 is still a ways off. There’s time yet.

” Don Rogers for the editorial board

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