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I want to commend you on the May 6 and May 13 issues of your “New” Vail Trail.Your labors at creating a “locals newspaper” are providing a quality product, complete with “Rotogravure” quality graphics, photos, events-coverage, and stories of interest to “Longtime Locals” as well as newcomers.Your original goals for quality appear to be bearing fruit. Each issue has shown improvement, and interested me more, with the last two issues enjoyed the most.I wish you future luck and continuing progress.Thank You,Steve ZorichakVailLazier update appreciatedThanks for the update on Buddy Lazier and what he and his family are doing! It was fun watching him and his sister grow up while I lived in Vail. They were as normal as famous people could be!I worked at Berry Creek Ranch and had my horses boarded there with Wendy’s…Indy and Toleado.I don’t have cable or a dish so when I can catch a race it’s great cheering for a driver I actually know . Even more fun is trying to tell people here in Iowa stories of all the famous people I knew living in the Valley….I don’t think they believe me.Good Luck Buddy, you have come a long way and have been a great story of success as a child of Vail!Cindi WethmullerIowaDo not kill the gooseIs the Bair Ranch proposal perfect? Certainly not. But does it have several over riding and compelling advantages? Absolutely.The first is the fact that the County’s investment of $2 million leverages into place over $3 million of OPM (Other Peoples’ Money).The bottom line, my friends, is that we are getting one heck of a deal. And remember, these other funds, for the most part will leave the county forever. Say goodbye to the money. Bye-bye.The second is that we are only buying THE DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS. If we wanted to walk on the property, we wouldn’t be paying “just” $5 million, we would have to pay four times that much. And that would definitely not be a good deal for the taxpayers of Eagle County.Will we benefit from this right away? Probably not. Will we benefit in ten years? Maybe. But will we benefit in twenty years when the Eagle County population swells to and past the 90,000 population predicted by our state demographer? Absolutely. Would we be able to afford the same easements then that are offered today. No way!This is an investment in our future. This is an investment to insure that Eagle County remains one of the world’s special places. Our natural, uncongested environment is the golden egg of our economic success. Lets not kill the goose.Peter RunyonCandidate for Eagle CountyCommissionerThe legacy that lured usViewpoints from minds and hearts younger than mine convince me that the Bair Ranch purchase is the right thing to do. The Open Space Advisory Committee recommends the purchase of the Bair Ranch easement after logical and comprehensive review. My reasons are based on emotions.I recently spent a little time with some former Eagle County High School students who have gone off to pursue dreams in other parts of the world. We talked about what had changed in their hometown since their high school graduation and what had changed in their own lives and perspectives … “more movie theatres, more appreciation of their families, newfound realizations about all there is to do in this valley, and how much they missed the beauty of their home surroundings.”One young lady described that “take your breath away feeling, better than a dream” you get as you see the mountains in the distance while driving toward home.Interesting conversations ensued about trying to untangle conflicting perspectives on prosperity and success, and money and morality that are so evident growing up in our valley.I’d like to think we can be an example of self-restraint and responsibility on occasion; I’d like to believe that we, as a community, can make a decision that is not about our own gain or access, that is not about market driven economics or immediate gratification. I’d like to think a decision can be made based on our humble stewardship to our incredible surroundings. I want our children to return to this valley and find a little of the legacy that lured us. The splendor of the Bair Ranch as open space is enough for me.Susie DavisEdwards

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