Showroom elegance |

Showroom elegance

by Duffy Hayes
Doug Berry and Ben EdmonsonThe Waltrips showroom home borders the 15th fairway in the Cobble Creek Residential Golf Community.

Tucked away in an idyllic, even pastoral, golf course community and subdivision in the growing Western Slope town of Montrose, Dan and Tammee Waltrip have built a warm, welcoming dream home of sorts.It just also happens to be one of the most detailed and design-rich homes you’re bound to ever see.The unique 4,100-square-foot homestead, neatly tucked along the 15th fairway in the new Cobble Creek Residential Golf Community, fits nicely with its comfortably upscale neighbors.Stepping through the home’s elegant entrance, however, it soon becomes apparent that the interior of the Waltrip home makes it most unlike other homes in the area.”We weren’t afraid to upscale a little bit,” Dan says. “We actually didn’t approach (the building and design) for a resale purpose. We did it more as a showroom for Tammee’s business and as a model home.”And make no mistake: The incredible detail and design throughout are a perfect showcase for Tammee’s interior decorating business Dress Your Windows & More, Inc. In truth, her smallish showroom in downtown Montrose can’t come close to matching the way a lived-in, practical home setting can feature all of Tammee’s skills, talents and design capabilities.

“Someone that does great design isn’t afraid to fail,” Tammee says. Her show-home reflects that same sentiment as every floor, feature, corner and crevice has been carefully planned so that her design scheme is both varied and congruous throughout the entire space.A welcoming circular shaped high-ceiling entryway is an elegant, and impressive, beginning. Clear alder woodwork frames the domed ceiling, and the home’s first foray into faux finish is subtle, but stunning. A plaster tree design, based on a complex stencil, wends its way up to the dramatic focal center, high above.”Tammee spent a lot of time working with (the faux finish painter) to get just the right look and color for every room,” Dan explains, adding that their faux finish creator spent a month solid working in the home.From the outset, the breadth and variety of the highly detailed faux finishes amaze. In just this one tidy space, Tammee points out three distinct treatments, which she describes as a “pluralization” of faux finishes. Each wall finish is unique, detailed, subtle and yet integrated perfectly from room to room, finish to finish.As the eyes travel down to the flooring, detail is another obvious theme. The dark Brazilian cherry floor features shaped walnut inlays along the edges, and Dan explains that the grooved texture of the floor is a product of hand-scraping at the factory.”We specifically chose how deep the texture and the scraping was, and then we had it all milled and brought in that way,” he says.

Steps past the home’s entryway, the floor plan opens up to a sprawling living and entertainment space, highlighted by wall-sized panes of glass along the entire backside of the home. Large mirrors intensify the effect, creating a perspective stretching to infinity.The look is dramatic, as is the space. Distant views feature the picturesque San Juan Mountains looming over the neatly manicured fairway; golfers meander slowly toward the house.But striking views aside, the open-plan living area which connects a cozy seating area with a dream kitchen and a graceful dining area feels as homelike as can be.”I went for more of an elegant feel to the home, but yet very comfortable. You can come in here, and it doesn’t feel stuffy,” Tammee says. “This room works very well for entertainment, or just us, because we have enough variety of seating. You can socialize, and it’s very comfortable.”The centerpiece great room really shows off Tammee’s decorating talents, as well as the breadth and variety of furniture, fabrics and stylings she offers through her decorating business. Unique textures and colors cover the Norwalk-brand furniture that she custom designs for her clients.The kitchen area, which is the practical and functional anchor to the entertainment space, is modern and chef-friendly. Tammee’s custom-designed cabinetry hides countless drawers and organizational features, which in turn surround concealed appliances like a built-in food processor and blender, and a fridge, freezer, dishwasher and trash compactor masquerading as wood-paneled cabinets.”When I designed the kitchen, I thought function first. Even though it’s beautiful, we’ve made sure everything works together,” Tammee says.

Just off the main living space is the master suite, which, as Tammee points out, is a great example of how each room’s design began with the natural, hard surfaces as a point of reference. Here, a fireplace formed of Brazilian marble with a decidedly blue tint carries the color scheme for the room; an elegant hand-crafted canopy again features Tammee’s attention to exquisite detail.The master bath is misnamed; it resembles more of a high-end spa, with all the requisite amenities, rather than practical, comparable counterparts. Warm, radiant heated floors are created from rare Greek marble its crystalline sparkle shimmers right through the pattern.A huge steam shower features a large sit-down space, where Dan sometimes disappears for extended periods of humid relaxation. The glass door to the shower room is striking for its custom etch-work and frosting, done by a local artisan.Continuing the spa theme, a cavernous jet-tub features a 29-inch deep soaking well, and the maximum number of jets possible ring all sides of the super-soaker. And in the water closet nearby, a throne fit for a modern-day king surprises with a heated seat, built-in bidet, automatic fan and “front and rear cleansing.” Dan said he at first laughed at the techno-toilet, but now hes learned to just love it.”Sure, the attached closet would suit any wardrobe collection (Tammee sells the hyper-organized closet package through her decorating business as well), but in fact all three of the bedroom-bathroom suites stand out for their unique styles and detailed design.The Waltrips share the home with two kids, and the girl’s suite, for their 17-year-old, is another design marvel. Tammee’s custom color scheme is based on some incredibly intricate tile work in the bath. Brightly-colored tiny tiles are laid in a unique, linear style on the floor, along the backsplash and on handles. That same bright color palette is carried into the bedroom area to attractive effect.The boy’s bedroom suite, for the 13-year-old, again amazes with the level of detail. The painting is multilayered Dan says it took “days of planning and work” and chic, weathered simulated leather lines the ceiling and fixtures, with “rivets” individually added with obvious care. And whereas the young girl’s bath suite stands out for its bright design, the boy’s bath suite is decidedly masculine.”It lets our clients know that we can do a whole range of designs for them,” Tammee says.

While the primary living space for the Waltrips is stretched mostly across the first level, a quick trip up a flight of stairs embellished with powder-coated railings and sconces leads to a tricked-out guest space. A big-screen TV, cozy couch, pool table, exercise area, kitchenette and full bath create quite the guest sanctuary.Added luxuries notwithstanding, Dan points out that the home is also extra-insulated and energy efficient, built “green,” future-proofed with advanced home-run wiring, and connected corner to corner with a whole-house audio system and intercom.The practical features of the home might only be matched by the meticulous attention to detail a combination that makes this strikingly detailed space all the more livable.”It’s beautiful but very functional,” Tammee says. “Every room was thought out about how exactly to use the house, and live in it comfortably.”I basically drew what I wanted, and then said, ‘Let’s make this happen,’ ” she says.

For the Waltrips, the planning and construction of their dream home was a real labor of love, and like the rest of the project, they each were critically involved in the detailed process.”We actually drew the plans from scratch,” Dan says. “We asked, what do we want in the house, and then we just started drawing.”With some additional help, those scratch plans were then imported into a CAD system, and formal plans were drawn up for the house and included all the incredible detail the two could dream up.Dan’s business, Dream Builder Investments LLC, is involved in a number of building-related services, like serving as an electrical supply house. And as he says, “This was not the first time we’ve built a house.”That experience proved valuable during the home’s construction, as Dan was forced into the role of job supervisor partway through the project.But the real story of the home’s construction is the demanding challenge posed to the subcontractors on the project. Tammee’s attention to detail meant that subs would really be pushed to provide a level of work that they perhaps weren’t used to, Dan says.”You can’t tell when you look at a blueprint about what level of quality somebody is going to expect. We had to keep people on track as far as the quality level is concerned,” he says.”We really challenged the subcontractors,” Tammee says, with Dan adding, “But they definitely came through.”

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