Showtime for war critics |

Showtime for war critics

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

The turning point of the Iraq war may be near, but it won’t happen in Baghdad or on any other battlefield.

Congress will soon decide whether to give President Bush another couple hundred billion dollars to fight the war in Iraq. That means Democrats and the few Republicans who want the troops to come home sooner rather than later have a real chance to make that happen.

But will war opponents have the courage to stand up for their convictions against the barrage of rhetoric they will surely be buried with?

Those who vote against any further funds for the war will be called unpatriotic; they’ll be accused of “emboldening” the enemy; they will even be charged with wanting our troops to die.

And what about those Democratic senators running for president? After a few weeks of political dread, will Hillary and Barack force themselves into John Kerry flip-flops by voting to put more money into the war while also calling it a disaster?

What about John Edwards, who has said his vote to authorize the invasion was a mistake?

Nice to be New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson right about now.

Democrats can’t oppose the war and keep funding it, no matter what right-wing bloggers will say about endangering the troops. It’s like saying you’ve quit drinking while continuing to buy bottle after bottle of booze.

Voters last fall showed their frustration with government. And if Democrats dither on this critical vote, Americans will sent them packing like they did the Republicans.

” Matt Zalaznick for the editorial board

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