Sidewalk parking in Eagle lands man in detox |

Sidewalk parking in Eagle lands man in detox

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Eagle, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado ” A cop on routine patrol on Jan. 29 noticed a black pickup parked on the sidewalk in front of the Brush Creek Saloon in Eagle,Colorado. Pedestrians were forced to maneuver around the vehicle.

The officer went inside the bar, seeking the owner of the vehicle so it could be moved. The waitress pointed out a very intoxicated man who had recently arrived.

The suspect was uncooperative, and so drunk that he had difficulty standing. The man initially claimed that a buddy of his had driven the car up on the sidewalk, then had left. He could not understand why the truck being on the sidewalk was a problem.

Eventually, the suspect, who was foul-mouthed and aggressive, gave the cops his wife’s phone number, suggesting that she be contacted to move the truck. However, the wife, who lived in Leadville, was not about to come to Eagle to move the truck. She also said she did not want to deal with a drunk husband, and asked that the cops take him to a detox facility.

The suspect was cited for improper parking, then taken into protective custody and sent to detox.

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A woman who parked her car on Sylvan Lake Road for a couple of hours while having dinner came back to find an egg splattered on the windshield. In fact, the incident marked the fourth time her vehicle had been egged when parked at that spot.

She called the cops. The responding officers, recognized similarities to a case they had handled a week earlier which involved nearby residents who were dishing out some vigilante-style justice by throwing eggs on cars parked in private parking spaces. They contacted the man involved in that case.

The suspect insisted that he had stopped egging cars since his previous talk with the cops. Rather, he said, he was dealing with people parking in unauthorized places by simply “flipping them off.”

The woman was advised not to park her vehicle in places designated for Founders Avenue residents. The suspect was advised to talk with his Home Owners Association about parking issues.

A woman rode her bike to the Post Office, went inside, then returned only to find it had been pulled out of the rack, thrown down on the ground, scuffed and damaged.

Interestingly, a post office employee was looking out the window when he saw a blond man remove the bike from the rack and throw it to the ground. He got the man’s license plate number before the suspect drove off.

The cops are following up on this case.

A report of a domestic violence incident led police to a home where a woman with a bruised cheek and large bump on her head was being comforted by a friend.

The hurt woman said she and her husband had been drinking with friends at a local bar. He became angry after losing a game of pool, and left the bar. She stayed. The husband then called her repeatedly on the phone, leaving verbally abusive messages.

When the woman walked home, she found the doors had been locked. She banged on the doors and windows, and eventually the husband opened the door.

The woman decided to sleep on the couch. Her husband grabbed her, and banged her head against a nearby counter, according to the victim.

Under the pretext of going outside for a cigarette, she slipped away, ad summoned help from a friend.

The husband denied any involvement in a physical alteration. However, after observing the woman’s injuries, the cops charged him with domestic violence and assault.

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