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Sign or not, slow down

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Could something have been done to prevent the seven-car pile-up that ultimately lead to the death of 22-year-old Dustin Scriver?

Police say they are still trying to determine what happened in the crash Thursday in Vail, which happened in standstill traffic in a construction zone on I-70 near Dowd Junction. What we do know is that a semi-truck plowed into the back of Scriver’s truck. Police say the semi-truck driver was going too fast.

Still, we’ve received calls, a letter and a few Web comments from people who say the construction zone was prime for such an accident. Traffic backs up frequently going into and out of the winding Dowd Junction and oftentimes drivers can’t anticipate the slowdown ahead of them until almost too late.

Some said there aren’t any signs warning drivers that they are entering a construction zone. In reality, there were signs. Thursday’s accident happened near a sign that tells drivers that they are one mile away from construction.

However, the Colorado Department of Transportation is responding to these terrible accident appropriately. CDOT officials said they are adding more signs today to alert drivers of the upcoming construction at the Main Vail exit and near the pedestrian overpass that goes into Lionshead.

One CDOT official acknowledged that drivers can become “numb” to construction signs. Putting a few more of those bright orange placards on the road might wake a few drivers up.

Because in the end, construction cones and road work trucks don’t cause accidents. People do.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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