Signing another’s name |

Signing another’s name

Don Rogers

Nuthin’ lower than those cowardly souls who sound off but won’t identify themselves. Well, maybe there’s lower yet. That would be the pathetic person who sounds off and uses someone else’s name!

This happened to Joan Harned in Saturday’s letters to the editor. The subject was tame enough, encouragement of the governor’s signature on pieces of legislation aimed at making home insurance fairer. Only problem was it wasn’t written and submitted by Harden, though it appeared to include her phone number, address and business affiliation as broker-owner at Black Bear Realty.

While we do spot check letters, particularly ones we suspect have false names and harsh criticism of individuals, the letter pile is deep enough and resources shallow enough that alas, we can’t check up on every letter. A bright side of this episode is that it’s the first time in at least five years this has happened, though assuredly a fake name or two has squeaked through.

Sadly, trust ain’t what it used to be. We’ll have to check closer, especially if the purported signature is from “Harned.” Apologies to Joan.

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Big year

The stars aligned this past ski season to deliver what surely will be one of the best years in history for the local economy.

Snow, the relative value of the dollar compared to places like Canada, the national economic recovery, no new war, little fear of flying, the return of the out-of-state visitors – all this contributed.

This month, Vail did a particularly great job lining up entertainment to help spruce up these often slushy, sluggish last weeks of ski season.


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