Signs being installed on Interstate 70 in Vail |

Signs being installed on Interstate 70 in Vail

VAIL — New directional signs are being installed along Interstate 70 in Vail to help improve decision-making at the three exits. The signs are part of a comprehensive wayfinding project initiated by the town that also includes updates to signs along the frontage roads and in the parking garages, as well as updates to the pedestrian signs. The multi-phased project is a component of the town’s guest service enhancement initiative.

Among the improvements is a renaming of I-70 exit 176 to “Vail Town Center” to better distinguish the main exit from the others. The 176 exit had previously been referred to as “Vail” in the signs that are being replaced. The new exit 173 sign will be identified as “West Vail” which will replace “Vail W Entrance.” Similarly, the exit 180 sign will use “East Vail” and will replace “Vail E Entrance.” Another improvement is the addition of “Gerald R. Ford Park” to an interstate sign identifying the Colorado Ski Museum as an attraction.

The new sign program has been developed by Stantec ViBE in Boulder, with input from a citizen advisory committee as well as approvals by the Federal Highway Administration and the Colorado Department of Transportation. Installation of the signs will continue throughout the fall.

For more information, contact Greg Hall, town of Vail public works director, at 970-479-2160.

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