Silly political ads |

Silly political ads

Gus Nicholson, Denver and Avon

I can’t help laughing whenever I see an ad on TV by a candidate for office this season. They remind me of Saturday Night Live skits.

Sen. John McCain promises a soft-spoken, compassionate Reaganesque conservatism that will put money back into the pockets of the middle class even as he promises to strengthen our nation’s defense, win the war, lower gas prices, etc., etc.

Just to be fair, Jared Polis, a Democratic candidate for national public office, also promises to solve all our problems. Guess what? He can’t. As a junior congressman, if he gets elected, he’ll be at the back of the line and at Nancy Pelosi’s beck and call. That’s reality.

Is it any wonder Obama’s campaign is steamrolling to victory in November? If you really listen, he’s not promising anything but an open mind and an agenda that suggests he’ll favor the corporate elite a little less and the individual citizen a little more.

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