Silt blaze leaves ‘nothing to save’ |

Silt blaze leaves ‘nothing to save’

John Gardner
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Photo by Tyler Eichorst/Special to the DailyA Silt home where a 70-year-old woman and her 92-year-old mother lived was destroyed by fire Monday night.

SILT, Colorado – Fire officials are calling a mobile home in Silt that was ravaged by fire Monday night, a complete loss.

The fire left a 70-year-old woman and her 92-year-old mother with only a few picture albums, and the clothes on their backs.

According to Darlene Cardenas of Silt, her mother and grandmother lived at the house in the 1200 block of Em Avenue in Silt. Cardenas’ mother, Tina Sandoval had lived in the home for 17 years, she said, and her grandmother, Della Espinosa had been living there for about the past six months.

The two will be staying with relatives in Silt for now.

“There is nothing to save,” Cardenas said. “It’s pretty much gone. But my mother and grandmother are safe and we thank God for that.”

Fire marshals Orrin Moon of Burning Mountains Fire Protection District and Kevin Whelan of Rifle Fire Protection District were still investigating the cause of the fire as of late Tuesday afternoon.

According to Burning Mountains Fire Protection District Chief Brit McLin the fire department was called at 9:02 p.m., Monday night. Crews responded with a ladder truck and two engines and began throwing water on the rapidly advancing fire immediately. Mutual support from Rifle Fire Protection District and Glenwood Fire responded as well.

Cardenas said that her mother was in the kitchen putting dishes in the dish washer when a neighbor knocked at her door, yelling at her to get out of the house. She had no idea how the fire may have started.

“She saw the smoke billowing into the hallway,” Cardenas said. “They barley got out of the house with what they had on.”

McLin said that despite firefighter’s best efforts to extinguish the fire, the fire burned very hot and too quickly, consuming the structure.

“It took about an hour to knock it down,” McLin said. “It’s unusual for a structure like this to take that long. It was very dry and had a very heavy fuel load.”

The fire burned hot enough that McLin said heat could still be felt radiating from the burned remains Tuesday morning. A garage was also partially burned.

Neither of the two women who were in the house sustained injuries from the fire, however, Cardenas said that her mother had a pet bird that succumbed to the fire.

Residents called the Silt Town Hall Tuesday looking for answers. And Cardenas said that many friends and neighbors had stopped by her sister’s house, where Sandoval and Espinosa were at, Tuesday to drop off clothes and other items.

“It’s been really good,” Cardenas said. “And it shows you how many people do care.”

Sandoval did have homeowners insurance, Cardenas said, but if people wanted to drop off clothing or other items they can contact the Silt Town Hall at (970) 876-2353 for locations.

For Cardenas, she was just happy to have her mother and grandmother safe Tuesday.

“Thanksgiving is going to be good at our house,” she said. “We’ve got a lot to be thankful for.”

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