Silverthorne Home Depot plan gets early OK |

Silverthorne Home Depot plan gets early OK

Caitlin Row
Silverthorne, CO Colorado

SILVERTHORNE, Colorado ” The design still needs tweaking, but Home Depot finally submitted a building plan that Silverthorne’s planning staff can stomach.

The big-box chain gained staff approval Friday for a 100,000 square-foot store just south of Interstate 70 near the outlet stores at the base of the Dillon Dam. Approval is conditional ” Home Depot must address nine issues, including previous concerns about wetlands impacts and traffic.

The design will be reviewed at today’s planning commission meeting at 6 p.m. in Silverthorne Town Hall. It’s open to the public.

“The most recent version of the Home Depot plan is, for the most part, consistent with town standards,” said Mark Leidal, Silverthorne’s community development director. “The next step is to review the proposal with the planning commission and town council.”

Silverthorne residents raised concerns about the bright-orange signs, traffic and potential wetlands impacts of a proposed Home Depot during an informal meeting with the big-box retailer in October.

And Home Depot’s wetlands mitigation plan is still not good enough.

“They haven’t met any of the nine criteria needed for wetland mitigation,” said Leidal said of staff findings. “Their analysis doesn’t meet requirements. They need to do more work.”

The “boulevard” entrance, intended to ease concerns of officials worried about access over a narrow bridge, has been included in Home Depot’s new design.

Home Depot is also proposing to use a portion of town-owned land on Adams Avenue for parking, Leidal said, and they want to trade Silverthorne with a portion of land adjacent to the Blue River.

“It seems to make some sense,” Leidal said. “We need more information.”

Traffic improvements still required by the staff report were divided into opening-day needs and long-term traffic improvements. The staff report said the chain is responsible for its share of long-term traffic improvements.

Home Depot officials must also address issues with landscaping and parking, said the staff report.

“It’s just the beginning,” Leidal said. “There’s things they need to work on as it moves forward.”

Though several Silverthorne residents and business owners have expressed concerns about economic and environmental issues created by having another giant retailer set up shop in Silverthorne, community comment has so far been limited.

“Folks were asking about the traffic improvements and concerns about the building blending (with the town),” acknowledged Home Depot spokesman Mike Ciletti after the community open house.

About 25 people cycled through the October meeting at the Silverthorne Pavilion over the course of four hours, Ciletti said.

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