Since when is making a profit evil? |

Since when is making a profit evil?

Not too rich, mind you, like those who use hired help to hold the TP and ride escalators to ski slopes, but just enough that I could afford a few of the finer things in life, like imported beer, premium coffee and designer dog food.And what if I became this way, at least in part, by purchasing Enron stock when it was $10 per share in 1990 and selling it in August 2000 for $90 per share?Does that make me an evil schmuck, or just a lucky schmuck?To hear U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard (GOP, for Grandstanding Oligarchic Patriots) explain it, I would definitely be classified as evil, something akin to a Hussein, a bin Laden, or a corporate executive owning property in Bachelor Gulch.Every TV ad in his campaign to be re-elected, so far, includes this tag line just before his opponent’s name: “Millionaire-Lawyer-Lobbyist, Tom Strickland.”Sure, a lobbyist can be considered somewhat negative if he or she is constantly pushing an evil product such as rap music. And of course I won’t offend you by attempting to defend lawyers, but since when did being a millionaire in an economic society based upon capitalism become a bad thing?I grew up being told that the U.S. Constitution guaranteed each of us the right to pursue the American dream of living a wonderful life full of love, liberty, happiness and at least one Mercedes sitting in a three-car garage. When did it become hate, repression, misery and at least one Chevy sitting on blocks in the front yard?Next we are led to believe that Strickland’s law firm – Brownstein Hyatt & Farber, P.C. (Pathetic Capitalist) – fought tooth and nail for Global Crossing up until the afternoon ol’ Tom was able to dump his personal holdings for a tidy profit.Quite the slimeball, if we choose to believe Allard.But wait a minute, Strickland (DEM, for Demagogues Eschewing Morality) actually threw the first punch about a month ago, when he accused Allard of not only taking a nap but sleeping year-round with drug companies and hating senior citizens.Yes, he claims his opponent hangs out in front of drug stores, casually tripping little old ladies as they approach the front door, forcing them to need more drugs by the time they make it to the sales counter.He also points out that Allard not only went to bat but even threatened to strike for Qwest – his largest contributor – and blocked accounting reforms that might have prevented Enron-Arthur Andersen-Global Crossing-Sigh.We might as well get used to it. Both of these guys are going to sling as much mud as possible during a drought, regardless of who’s doing the rain dance.Hopefully, none of it will stick to us regular schmucks.Rich dialogue overMiddle CreekSpeaking of rich, the Middle Creek affordable housing project issue has unleashed a veritable plethora of obnoxious, ostentatious oafs upon Happy Valley.Some have even left their castles and gone so far as to actually speak (as opposed to having paid consultants do it for them) at meetings.What they expel, though, is that same old tired scene of the have-nots wanting to be forced to co-exist with the ain’t-gots, who are simply fighting for a shorter commute so they can wait on the haves.But what, pray tell, is wrong with that?According to those who have designated themselves the official front door decorators for Vail, we should be ashamed of ourselves for even thinking of allowing the hired help to come in through the front door, especially when the way, way, way back door is so easily accessible by bus.Who are these imbeciles that insist on trying to live in the same city where they are employed? Don’t they know that Vail is only for those who can afford it and all others must accept their “place” in life and learn to enjoy riding in steerage?This elitist nonsense has to come to a head some day, but chances are it will take a much more serious issue to force the hands of those who see themselves as handing out so darn much.Perhaps a shortage of employees at a few art galleries or jewelry stores would sufficiently shock some into reality.Nah, they’d probably just drive over to Aspen anyway.I’ll bet you didn’t know that you could rearrange the letters in Middle Creek Housing to spell: Oink Grime Scheduled.Neither did I.It also can be spelled: Mink Hogs Decide Rule.Ouch.Maybe there is something to this evil-rich thing after all.Richard Carnes of Edwards can be reached at

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