Singing a beloved song |

Singing a beloved song

Logan Carlson, a senior at Battle Mountain, sings "It's Possible" during a rehearsal for the musical Cinderella. The musical will be performed this Thursday through Saturday, beginning at 7pm each night at Battle Mountain in Edwards.
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Cinderella: Rachel Weiss

Fairy Godmother: Logan Carlson

Prince Christopher: Woody Brook

Queen: Sierra Healy

King: T.J. Neilson

The Herald: Garvin VanDermoot

Stepmother: Caitlyn Wallace

Portia: Heddie Hall

Joy: Maggie Shaffer

Chef: Kara Greve

Stewards: Anabel Johnson, Naomi Kuntz

Minister: Uriel Castillo

EDWARDS — The story of Cinderella opens with “Once upon a time” and ends happily, as it must.

In between, it’s an underdog story. If you love an underdog story, and you do, you need to see Battle Mountain High School’s spring musical, “Cinderella.”

Logan Carlson is delightful as the fairy godmother. Besides Cinderella’s transformation, turning a pumpkin into a coach and mice into horses, she gets to shoot fire from her hand. She’s not saying how any of this happens. You just gotta believe.

“We’re not giving away any trade secrets,” Carlson said. “If you want to see how we do it, you just have to come to the show.”

Rachel Weiss is wonderfully Cinderella, unassuming and unnoticed early in the play. On the signup sheet under the role desired she wrote, “Whatever.”

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She’s a drop dead showstopper at the ball, and you don’t look at her the same way once she’s back in peasant clothes.

“We have a lot of talented people and this gives them all a chance to shine,” Weiss said.

Woody Brook is Prince Charming. Actually, his name is Prince Christopher Rupert Windmere Vladimere Carl Alexander Francois Reginald Lancelot Herman Gregory James.

He’d swap them all for a girl who understands him and loves him for the man he is — a regular guy. Of course, he finds exactly who he’s been looking for.


“It’s love at first sight,” Brook said, who does a darn fine job being smitten. “She’s not like any other girl. She won’t give me her name, she won’t tell me anything about herself.”

Weiss is on stage almost the entire play, as you’d expect, handling a mountain of material.

“You don’t memorize it. You learn it and it becomes part of yourself so you can be in the moment and the experience,” Weiss said.

Caitlyn Wallace is the evil stepmother, flanked by Maggie Shaffer and Heddie Hall as the two stepsisters.

They smile and paraphrase Kermit the Frog, saying “It’s easy being mean.”

They have about three and a half minutes of familial normalcy as they discuss the ball with Cinderella, who claims she can only imagine about how wonderful it was.

Stepmother snaps out of it when Cinderella bows just like that girl last night at the ball. From there … well, you know what happens from there.

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