Singletree splits on tax questions |

Singletree splits on tax questions

Melanie Wong
Vail, CO Colorado

EDWARDS ” Singletree residents want to make an entrance.

Residents voted 407-204 to spruce up the main neighborhood entrance by building a wider, safer, Winslow Road underpass.

The project will cost $3.6 million and will be paid for by a property tax increase that will repay a bond over 20 years.

However, residents narrowly rejected a second measure that would have buried 4,300 feet of powerlines that border the golf course and are visible from about 80 homes. Residents rejected the $800,000 project by a margin of 311-278.

The Winslow Road underpass project will widen the underpass sidewalk, add a bike lane, and add plowed-snow storage, drainage, lighting and side-railing. The improvements will make what has become the main Singletree entrance safer during the winter, resident Don Zerangue said.

Also, the sidewalk and bike lane improvements will make the underpass safer for students coming to-and-from school, resident Melanna Marcelot said.

“With four schools and a college using one road, how could we not do it?” she said.

However, she was disappointed that the powerline project did not pass. It would have improved the look of the neighborhood overall, she said.

“I think people are cheap to say that if you don’t see it, you don’t need to spend the money on it,” said Marcelot, whose home is next to the powerlines.

The powerlines were a common complaint of potential buyers, an eyesore for nearby residents and a safety hazard, Berry Creek Metro District President Don Cohen said.

A power outage caused a small grass fire several years ago, he said.

The project would have cost about $30 annually in additional property taxes per home, according to the metro district board.

Zerangue, who also lives by the powerlines, said the lines are a blight on the neighborhood and that residents are selfish to reject the proposed project.

“Most couples here spend more than that a month on wine,” he said.

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