Sinking in a sea of papyrus |

Sinking in a sea of papyrus

Backfield in motionNo forest is safe from these wheels of justice.Since May 11, when the alleged victim’s attorney filed the “Victim’s Request for a Swift Resolution,” attorneys for both sides have filed 87 motions, responses, replies and briefs, said court coordinator Karen Salaz, sinking the case in a sea of papyrus. And there’s plenty of anchor throwing from both sides.Salaz said 41 filings have come from prosecutors, who were barely edged by defense attorney with 46. That doesn’t include motions from media or anyone else.Questions questionsSo far, the questionnaire for potential jurors is 115 questions long, but shrinking. Among those questions were two argued over Monday. Questions 56 and 59 dealt with race issues and asked for the prospective juror’s feeling about interracial dating. Prosecutor Dana Easter opined that the incident in question was not a date.Roads scholarsA couple regional whiz kids landed in the Eagle County Crossbar Hotel when they decided Monday would be a great day to drive a car with stolen license plates to their court appearance. They had the audacity to look surprised as they stood beside the car in question, the jewelry of jurisprudence latched around their wrists.

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