Sip and burn at ‘Boot Camp & Beer Series’ in Edwards |

Sip and burn at ‘Boot Camp & Beer Series’ in Edwards

EDWARDS — Dogma Athletica and Crazy Mountain Brewery are teaming up to bring you a different kind of workout. Emily LyBarger, a Vail native and a trainer at Dogma Athletica, came up with the idea in hopes of building a sense of community at Dogma through weekly group bike rides and other fun summer programs. She introduces the Boot Camp & Beer Series as a way to reach people who like to socialize and work out, but don’t necessarily want to road bike.

The series starts Thursday, July 10, and will run for the rest of the summer. LyBarger will be the main instructor for the series, however, the rest of the Dogma Athletica training team will be on hand to assist her. The classes will be held from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. each Thursday night. Participants will meet at Crazy Mountain Brewery in Edwards and Emily will lead a group jog over to Dogma Athletica in the Riverwalk where the class will take place. The class is a full-body workout designed to the limit with sustained periods of high intensity followed by quick recoveries. This style of workout stokes the metabolism by creating a need for more oxygen to meet the demands of the exercise, which will have you burning calories long after the session is over.

After class each week, participants can walk or jog back to Crazy Mountain Brewery, where they will be rewarded with $2 drink specials. Believe it or not, drinking beer after a workout can be a good thing. Beer contains carbohydrates and electrolytes, as well as other plant-based ingredients that contain a variety of naturally occurring nutrients from the yeast, barley and hops. In fact, antioxidants called polyphenols are found in hops and they have anti-inflammatory properties that make beer a great post-workout drink.

This series is free for all Dogma Athletica members, and non-members are encouraged to join for a drop-in fee of $15. Non-members may also purchase a 10-pass punch card for $120. The punch card is good for all Dogma Athletica yoga classes and group fitness classes, so participants can try other programs offered. With Crazy Mountain’s brews and Dogma’s workouts, why do anything else on Thursday nights? For more information, email Emily LyBarger at or call 970-688-4433.

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