Skateboarding ban lifted in Breckenridge |

Skateboarding ban lifted in Breckenridge

Robert Allen
Summit County Correspondent
Vail CO, Colorado

BRECKENRIDGE, Colorado ” Skateboards may be rolling legally down Breckenridge Main Street within a month, as the Town Council has given preliminary approval to a skateboarding ordinance.

“It’s awesome. They’re doing the right thing,” Jay Dale, manager of Broadcast Ride Shop said. “It’s more than just a sport ” it’s transportation. It’s a green way to go.”

As the legislation reads, skaters will be permitted to ride on every street but Highway 9, which becomes Park Avenue as it passes through town.

The ordinance will be set to expire Sept. 1, 2009, when the council may choose to renew it.

“In a year, we can evaluate and see if we have problems,” Councilwoman Jennifer McAtamney said. “But I look at (the ordinance) as an opportunity, since the skateboarders came out in great numbers and really got involved in the political process.”

The ordinance is expected to be approved following a public hearing at the council’s next meeting, Sept. 9.

Mayor John Warner was the only dissenter when the vote was made Tuesday. He said Wednesday that though he’s supportive of the skateboarders riding on town streets, he has a safety concern.

“I really would prefer that we start the process with the skateboarders not using Main Street,” he said. “I worry that they will confuse motorists if they don’t follow the rules of the road.”

Warner also is concerned that as skaters descend the streets between Ridge Street and Main Street, they could lose control on the steep grade and collide with vehicles and pedestrians.

Dale said there is indeed a danger for kids who lose control.

“If they don’t have control, they shouldn’t be on the road,” he said. “As long as kids act proper and use proper etiquette on the streets, there shouldn’t be hassles.”

The Town first addressed the issue after a group of skate enthusiasts attended a council meeting in June, where they asked that skateboarding be allowed on the town streets.

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