Skating Club of Vail performs holiday show |

Skating Club of Vail performs holiday show

Christine Ina Casillas
Vail Daily/Bret HartmanKelly Muth, 13, Heather Nelson, 15, Mackensie Boris, 15, Mckenzie Bolt, 16, and Victoria Sela, 13 pose in a jail cell while Derron Schronce holds twelve-year-old jenna Beairsto for the "Cell Block Tango" from the movie Chicago. The "Cell Block Tango" is part of Skating Club of Vail's annual holiday program called Just Believe, tails of imagination and make believe, at Dobson Ice Arena on December 28th and 29th.

Close your eyes and just believe.

That’s the theme of the annual ice skating holiday show, produced every December by the Skating Club of Vail.

The show, “Just Believe,” will be at 6 p.m., Sunday and Monday, at Dobson Ice Arena in Vail.

“It’s a tale of imagination, magic and mystery on ice,” said director Dawn Ristow, also director of the Vail Recreation District’s Learn-To-Skate program.

The 90-minute show will feature routines based on the films “Chicago,” “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Dr. Seuss also inspired parts of the performance.

“They’re stories,” Ristow said. “For the first section, we drew covers of the book – “Land of Make Believe’ – and and we’ll end with a magic mystery tour.”

The show features skaters from the Skating Club of Vail and the Learn-To-Skate program, Ristow said.

“We have kids who are regular members and some who are coming just to do the show,” Ristow said. “We have one coming from Italy to do the show this year.”

The show attracts more than 400 participants and their coaches, family members and friends. The youngest skater in the show is 4. The oldest skater is 39.

The costumes and designs of the show are one of the most fun aspects of it, Ristow said.

“Every year, we try to out-do our last show,” she said. “This year, we’re doing a whole “Chicago’ section with the sides being like skylines and jail cells.

“In another section of the show, the girls will be some kind of bug, like a ladybug or a butterfly,” she added. “We do everything in the dark, so their wings will light up.”

One section – Thumbellina – will show the girls dressed as flowers, resembling how flowers grow, she said.

The performers have been rehearsing for the show since Dec. 19, working about 12 hours per day, she said.

“It’s the only time we can practice, because a lot of the kids are in school,” she said. “We’re cramming.”

The show will end with a murder mystery theme, she said.

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